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Rob Sheffields PS3 Lights Fix Review

Did you know that you can fix your broken ps3 within hours without the support of an expert? After dealing with the hassle of Sonys repair program you are informed that the cost can be around $150 and you will have to wait a total of 4-6 weeks to see it again. In order to save yourself $150 and dealing with the wasted time by Sonys repair program Rob Sheffield has created a step by step guide in how to fix you broken ps3/light blinking problem on […]

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PS3 Light Fix Review

Each game program appears to have its little quirks but whenever you are within the center of playing a sport and all of the sudden it stops you may get a little upset. Or maybe you simply bought a game you might not wait to play and when you turn your system around the lights begin flashing red, yellow and green. Your very first believed is if it is still beneath guarantee and if not how much is it going to price. The PS3 Lights Fix will […]

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