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PS3 Light Fix Review

Each game program appears to have its little quirks but whenever you are within the center of playing a sport and all of the sudden it stops you may get a little upset. Or maybe you simply bought a game you might not wait to play and when you turn your system around the lights begin flashing red, yellow and green. Your very first believed is if it is still beneath guarantee and if not how much is it going to price. The PS3 Lights Fix will […]

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How to Permanently Fix the Red Light Problem on Your Ps3 Today

The Red Light problem on the PS3 appears to be a wide spread issue affecting countless PS3 users. Many users are puzzled as to why this problem struck them; many are dedicated Sony users and didn’t believe their PS3 could be struck down with the PS3 Red Light problem. It is hard to say what causes the PS3 Red Light, however we can provide you with some tips that could get rid of the Red Light problem: 1. Check if there’s a loose cable. If not, restart […]

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Fix the Yellow and Red Light of Death Yourself

Did your ps3 recently stop working due to the yellow light of death? Well don’t stress you can easily fix this problem by yourself. As many people lose their mind when thiere ps3 breaks down I laugh. Why? Because with the new ps3 light fix guide most any repair on the ps3 gaming console can be fixed within a couple hours. Yeah it may take 2 hours out of your day but this compares to spending around $150 in repair fees. If you send your console in […]

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